Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mexico: Part 2

Friday, March 10 (6:55 p.m. CST / 7:55 p.m. EST)

¡Estamos sobre México!

Soon before we landed in Houston, Ken struck up a conversation with the young woman sitting next ot him. Se llama Tracy. She was returning home to Houston. Ken le dio una tarjeta de

We only had half an hour before boarding the plane, so we quickly grabbed some food and made our way to the gate. In Houston they give all announcements in both English and Spanish.

(It was just announced we are passing over Monterrery, Mexico. 7:05)

We have been gradually introduced to a more Spanish-speaking environment. I am sure most of the folks on this flight to León are Mexicanos. Our flight attendant is bilingual and gives all announcements in English and Spanish.

The sunset was beautiful from up here, and the mountains are also an interesting contrast to Texas' flatness.

About the time I finished that last entry, I was beginning to feel funny in my stomach. Nevertheless the flight went well and we landed in León about 7:25 p.m.

When we stepped off the plane I was amazed that the temperature was so warm, even after dark. We picked up our luggage and passed through customs without event. We easily met up with Brenda Landrum, who took us to their Ford Explorer, where we greeted Craig and loaded in our luggage. In the car was Marshall, the fellow I was to stay with at Cuco and Nancy's house. We talked and got to know one another on the drive to the house.

Nancy and Cuco have one son, Josue [Spanish for Joshua], who is 17. None of them know enough English to converse and Marshall doesn't know Spanish, so I am the translator! It's a demanding job, but one I am willing to do.

Josue made each of us an alacrán, scorpion, out of copper wire—a technique he learned from a classmate. They are amazing works of art!

We stayed up until 11:30 and I was very tired and my back was sore from the plane ride. As a result, I slept little. My stomach upset at 3:30 in the morning, whereupon I began to feel better, though I still slept little.

Saturday morning, Nancy called Brenda Landrum and told her how I was, and Brenda recommended I not eat much at all—be cautious.

This was the day of the leaders' meeting, and there were missionaries from around the area and Mexican elders as well, and others who came, I think, for fellowship. This get-together took place on the West side of León, where the West León church meets. I thought the day was a little chilly, so I had long pants on and wore my jacket most of the day.

Marshall spied some boods some of the children brought about dinosaurs,a nd he wanted to engage in a defense of Genesis (for the book was evolutionary). Using me as translator, he spoke to Josue and another young man, Chuy, about some evidences, both scientific and Biblical, for a young earth and the coexistence of men and dinosaurs.

It was nice to meet and get to know the others of the Emmaus group: Willie, Ryan A., Scott, Caleb, Amy, Beth, Emily, and Celina. Celina converses easily in Spanish and Scot is quite good (probably like Ken and me); otherwise everyone speaks little.

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