Monday, March 06, 2006

New Definition of "Bad Day"

In the past years, having a "bad day" meant things were not going like I expected them to, were not easy, and/or kept going wrong. But now, being a few years older, with a little more spiritual growth having occurred (thanks be to God alone), I have found a new definition of a "bad day."

Today was one of those. I kept working at what I was supposed to, starting a logo design, finalizing another, making a few plastic signs, and working a little on my promotional brochure, but by the end of working hours, I felt like I do when I waste a day. Why was this? I did not in spirit commune with my beloved Father in heaven. The day was not horrible, nor would I say full of forfeited peace, but it just wasn't right.

A bad day is a day spent without devotion to the Lord.

I am reminded of the words of Joe Zichterman (sung by Mac Lynch & Tim Fisher) in the song "One Needful Thing"
With my whole heart I beseech Thee to behold Thy glory, Lord.
May we learn to wait and worship at Thy throne.
We are cumbered with much service; may we cast our cares on Thee
As we go into our closets there to meet with Thee alone.

That one needful thing, that one needful thing,
As the sacrifice of praise we humbly bring.
As Thine own peculiar treasure, created for Thy pleasure,
May we not forget that one needful thing.

When Thou sayest, "Seek Me early," Thy face, Lord, will I seek;
For Thou art my soul's exceeding great reward.
While abounding in Your service, may men's record of us be
That we've spent much time in secret in the presence of our Lord.
I am learning just how much prayer and communion with God is "one needful thing."

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Andrea said...

I appreciated that post a lot. Truly our walk with the Lord make ALL the difference in a day - whether little or much in accomplished. Thank you!

Stumbled across your blog through Aletheia Liberty's - a friend of mine and have appreciated it's content. God bless!