Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mexico: Part 1

Well, it's about time I began writing about the trip to Mexico, so I'll start with what I wrote in my journal on the journey.

Friday, March 10 (about 3 pm, EST)

Esto es el viaje a México para ayudar a los Landrums.

Last night was spent packing and finishing preparation for the trip. This morning, before Dad left for work he prayed for us and the whole week down in Mexico. At 8:25 Mom drove us down totheh Stratford train station to pick up the 9:06 train. She had heard there was heavy traffic on Route 8 in Derby/Shelton, but when we got there, nothing slowed us down. At the time, I was worried we would be late for our train, but Ishouldl have trusted the Lord—clear sailing! How gracious He is that He blesses us in spite of immaturity.

We waited about ten minutes for the train, hugged Mom goodbye, and stepped in Three rows to our right was a row with two available seats. Ken stowed our luggage on the rack and we sat down, our bags at our feet. The ride to New York City was pleasant and took an hour and a half. The last ten minutes or so was underground, entering Grand Central Station. I never knew that trains arriving there ended underground.

Exiting the train, I clipped the pull-strap to my suitcase, then we headed for the station—or the lobby, or plaza! I don't know what to call a room that large with so lofty a ceiling! I thought to take pictures of the room, but it's immensity could not be captured by so smalllensnse. Ken pointed out we had to catch the 10:40 bus, so I abandoned the idea completely.

We exited the edifice onto the streets of New York. I would have loved to go sightseeing bobviouslysly that is an activity for another time. The bus we needed to catch was just leaving so we boarded the next one, the 10:50. This took us directly to LaGuardia airport.

We found the counter for Continental Airlines and checked our bags, confirmed our seats, and headed toward the security checkpoint. We passed without incident. After finding our gate, we bought a lunch of wraps (Southwest Tuna!). That was about 11:45 a.m. Our boarding was around 1:00 p.m., so we talked in a mixture of Spanish and English while we waited. It was interesting to hear several others who were waiting speaking Spanish. Perhaps they are taking the same route to León (via Houston).

The time to board came at last and we were grateful to get out of the heat. Though it's only March, when we left home it was 51 degrees F and the airport was hot. The airplane, however, is much cooler. We are now cruising at 38,000 feet, clouds and cities far below.

Takeoff was fascinating, for never had I gone so fast before! The airport was whizzing by and within a minute we were pointing towards the sky. I found the G forces of climbing, banking, and leveling off a bit disconcerting, but once I told myself to relax, I felt good. It was delightful to see New York shrinking below us and the cards turning imovingoing specks. It was partly cloudy for a while, so generally I didn't see groundroun, but more recently (3:10) there has been a fair view of the ground.

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