Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mexico: Part 3

Saturday, March 11, continued

I was still feeling very tired from the previous night, and all I had the energy for was sitting in a chair in the warm sunlight...still with my jacket on. I had brought a dozen loops of string along to play some string games (like cat's cradle) with the children, but did not have the energy to participate in such activities.

Ken was working with Celina, Caleb, Scott, Ryan, and Willie entertaining the children. They played Bible charades by acting out stories from the Bible, as well as goofy games.

Here three of the boys are acting out the story of Joseph (José). Fernando is playing Joseph, and he is receiving the coat of many colors from his father. Alejandro, his brother, played Joseph's brothers and did a good impression of mutilating the coat!

These little girls were delighted to have Ken take their picture!

I was very comforted by the concern of the believers for my health that day. Word quickly spread among them about my condition and several checked up on me during the day. It was astounding just how much I felt at home with them! They were like family! And such we are, for we are brothers and sisters in Christ. The family of God is a wonder!

All day long I was drinking water and Coke, staying hydrated while not well (don't worry, there was plenty of purified, bottled water!)

Around noontime, I was feeling a little better and joined a conversation with Scott, Ryan, and a Mexican, Oscar. Oscar was about 30 years old, and was telling us about how God had changed his life (even after trusting in Christ for salvation), making him more outgoing and filled with love for the brethren. It was really neat to meet him. He was one of the ones frequently asking after my health, and when I admitted I seemed to have a headache, he gave me someaspirinn.

Here's a picture of the building where the church meets...up on the second floor of the building in the center. Behind that front room is a kind of courtyard that is open to the sun, with classrooms and kitchen off of it. Beyond the courtyard is the main meeting room. I hung out in the courtyard all day.

Midday, a large meal was prepared (it was lunch, but lunch in Mexico is usually eaten around 3:00 p.m.) but I can't tell you what there was to eat. The smell of food was still unappetizing to me. However, I did have a little cup of fresas con crema,strawberriess in cream. That was tasty. By that time, Brenda Landrum and Oscar had told me if I felt I needed to go home, they would be happy to drive me. I had thanked them both, and thought I would wait a little while. I started to suspect I had a fever, for my face felt warm to my touch. At some point, I told Oscar about my suspicion, and after feeling my face, he confirmed I was warm.

Oh well! I wished to stay at the gathering, but I knew I really needed rest if I was sick. So I told Brenda about it, and she steered me to Bob and Kim Delain, another missionary couple in León. They were just about to leave and would be passing by my house on the way home, so they gave me a ride in their van.

When I arrived back at the Cuco and Nancy's apartment, I went straight to bed and slept from about 4:30 to 11:30 or so when I was awakened by the rest of the American team and some of their hosts. I tell you, it's amazing how many people you can stuff into a little apartment! And they do the same with cars, taxis, and buses in Mexico too!

Here's a picture of their apartment complex, taken the morning of our departure.

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Owen Family said...

So sorry the trip was marred by you feeling poorly (or more than poorly from the sounds of things).

We've been enjoying the account of your travels and the pictures! Thanks for sharing!